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The greenest aerosol disposal in the business.
Guess what? It's not 'disposal' at all.
100% Haz waste avoidance.

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How it Works:

Zero Waste Process

Our unique technology finds a use for each part of the aerosol can.
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Ship without a manifest

Used and “waste” aerosol cans usually require RCRA documentation and hazardous shipping manifests.
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Industry Solutions for:

  • Manufacturing

    Custom-tailored Solutions for Every
    Product’s Life Cycle

  • Retail

    The Hidden Value of Unsaleable
    Aerosol Can “Waste”

  • Waste Management

    EPA-approved Aerosol Reclamation
    Reduces Generator Status

  • 3PL

    Harvest Value and Cut Shipping Costs
    with Aerosol Reclamation

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What We Take

We accept full, used, and empty aerosol cans in bulk as well as non-aerosol products like astringents, perfumes and camping fuels. While we typically deal in truckloads, we also accept as little as one pallet depending upon frequency and constituents. We accept a variety of commercial, medical and industrial aerosol products containing chemicals we distill and return to the market.

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What We Can't Accept

It is our aim to reuse and recycle 100% of the products we take in. For that reason, we are not able to take mixed, used household aerosols. We need to gather a minimum amount of the same product in order for it to be purified and ready for reuse.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal for Aerosol Cans

Why are used or off-spec aerosol cans so often treated as "solid waste" or "hazardous waste"? Aerosol cans pose a danger because they contain materials under pressure. According to the EPA, even unsalable aerosol cans that are shipped to a recycling facility must be counted towards a company's "solid waste" tonnage if the material inside is not reclaimed. Recycle Aerosol is the only company in North America with the technology to offer 100% landfill avoidance for medical waste disposal, waste oil disposal and solid waste disposal of aerosol cans. It's reverse logistics at its finest: each part is reused or recycled.

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