Ship Aerosols on a Bill of Lading

Green Your Supply Chain, Avoid Hazardous Manifest Costs

 Materials shipped to us require only a Bill of Lading. The simple reason is: We are not a waste facility. We try to reclaim or recycle each ingredient. Because our commitment represents the highest form of aerosol processing possible, the EPA has recognized that items coming to our facility are “commercial chemical products” rather than “solid or hazardous waste.” Letters of non-applicability are available upon request.

We extract the maximum value from aerosols and focus on processing batches of the same product because we are committed to harvesting the chemicals inside as “valuable commodities” and returning them to the market, where they can reduce the need to produce new chemicals. Companies that process aerosols for fuel-blending are not able to offer this shipping option for off spec or partially-used aerosols because they do not use the chemicals “in their original manner,” as the EPA requires for “reclamation.”