EPA Waste Management Hierarchy

Recycle Aerosol supports clients by reclaiming and reusing the materials inside aerosol cans rather than burning them or releasing them to the atmosphere. 

Recycling is recognized as the preferred option on the Waste Management Hierarchy for materials that cannot be Avoided or Minimizied. 




 The EPA released this as a guideline for companies in making choices regarding solid waste disposal. As the image reflects, the first goal should be waste avoidance and reduction. After that, reuse and reclamation should be attempted. This is our area of speciality. We help companies follow the EPA Waste Management Hierarchy by offering a safe and compliant solution to used, off-spec, full, partially-full and seasonal aerosol cans that would otherwise be "solid or hazardous waste."  

If a material cannot be reclaimed or treated for reuse, recycling is the next step. We recycle the metal of the cans and the plastic of the lid and nozzle. Most disposal options for aerosol cans involve recycling the can because it is valuable. Most then mix the material from your cans with those of others and burn them. This option is called "Energy Recovery"or "Waste to Energy" because it salvages a part of the value of the material.  Puncture-and-landfill is the least desirable option for aerosols. Landfilling without puncturing is dangerous and illegal. Cans under pressure can behave unpredictably.