Cherry Rains CEOAdvanced Environmental Excellence

In 1990, entrepreneur Gerry Rains founded Recycle Inc. to avoid the waste inherent in traditional aerosol disposal. He worked for a large manufacturer and saw each day that a sustainable solution was needed for expired, off-spec and seasonal aerosol products.

The Zero-Waste Solution
He believed he could find a use for each part and that he could reduce the carbon footprint of his customers at the same time. Each of the four main components of an aerosol — the can, its plastic cap, the propellant, and the product — would be recycled by being reclaimed or reused, an innovation in the field.
Gerry Rains Founder of Recycle IncThe Greenest Solution in the Business

Since 1990, Recycle Aerosol’s facility in Bells, Tennessee has reclaimed a variety of commercial and healthcare aerosol and non-aerosol products that are returned from manufacturers and retailers as either off-spec, out of date or seasonally-packaged. One customer recognized for “large hazardous waste reduction” with the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

Revolutionin Aerosol Reverse Logistics
Word comes in, and supply chain professionals rave: “It’s a 50% reduction in our hazardous waste cost. Hazardous waste is an expensive proposition. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it saves the company money...annual savings of six figures are achieved.”


Recognized Leadership in Sustainability

In 2011, Recycle Aerosol was recognized by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for excellence in “Environmental Stewardship” for its Zero-Waste Processing that enabled the recovery and recycling of more than four million aerosol cans in 2010. A single customer saved more than 180 tons of metal, recycled 28 tons of plastic and reclaimed more than 130,000 gallons of liquid product.

Expansion of Aerosol Processing Capacity

In 2012, Recycle Aerosol finished construction on a new Aerosol Processing Facility. The new facility increases processing capacity to 270,000 cans a day, giving it the largest capacity in North America. All staging and processing takes place indoors and utilizes 3 custom-engineered aerosol recycling lines.


RDS LogoOur Sister Company

Returns Distribution Specialists (RDS) is a reverse logistics company founded in 1995. They handle returns for manufacturers of a variety of products. RDS also provides services of sorting, inspecting, picking and packing of full or broken case orders, assembling of displays, and high level data collection, specialty packaging, blister packaging for customer returns. RDS is also certified by the FDA for video jetting lot codes on regulated products.