Green Logistics: How to Ship Aerosol Cans

How you ship aerosols depends upon processing mode

Our reclamation service is the most advanced and environmentally-conscious way to process aerosols.  So is the way you ship materials to us. Unlike the hazardous waste manifests required to ship to waste facilities or facilities that “recycle” but do not reclaim aerosols, shipping full and partiallly-full aerosols to our plant in Tennessee is often possible on a Bill of Lading.

Because we are a facility that reclaims and reuses the majority of your product, your aerosols are considered "commercial chemical products" rather than "waste." Each state has the right to make its own rules which may be more stringent than federal regulations. However, RCRA reporting is costly and in many cases, customers have found the shift to Zero Waste to result in six-figure annual savings

Top 5 Benefits of Green Logistics 

  • Ship on a Bill of Lading instead of Hazardous Waste Manifest
  • Reduce RCRA Tonnage
  • Reduce Generator Fees for Large Quantity Generators
  • Reduce Administrative Burden of RCRA Paperwork
  • Promote Sustainable Supply Chain

 We accept Less than Truckload amounts of certain products, if recurring regularly. 

An efficient supply chain is a green supply chain. One thing our customers say they value most about our environmental excellence is the way that rethinking their aerosol disposal option affected every other aspect of their supply chain, reducing costs for transportation as well as bringing positive attention to their company’s commitment to corporate sustainability.

Safe and compliant logistics requires understanding complicated federal and state regulations for waste disposal and safe transport. Our experts may assist you in developing a compliant and secure transportation plan with one of our partners that meets all DOT and EPA regulations for aerosol transport.