Reclaim Chemicals + Capture Value 

We proudly serve 3PL companies tasked with the proper disposal of aerosols. We are expert in greening reverse supply chains and harvesting maximum value from unsaleable aerosols. Using the most advanced recycling technologies, we practice “reclamation” and reuse rather than waste “recovery” meaning that full or partially-full products shipped to us are not “waste.” RCRA reporting and shipping protocol is then no longer applicable, although some state regulations may be more stringent. Each case is different, but we are committed to helping you promote sustainable supply chains in your work.

Goods can often be shipped to us on a Bill of Lading, eliminating costs for manifesting. This is possible because of the steps we take to find ways to reuse the materials inside each can. The EPA seeks to promote recycling by reclamation because it means greater environmental efficiency.

By avoiding costs associated with hazardous shipping manifests and RCRA reporting, our customers recover the savings embedded in choosing the most efficient path for their full, partially-full and empty aerosols and compressed cylinders.


For these regulatory reasons, we don’t accept mixed household aerosols. We prefer to deal in large quantities such as truckloads, but will also accept as little as one pallet, depending upon the resale value of the product. Options vary by product and frequency, however, one of our experts will be happy to discuss your case. Certain products such as oil or ethanol-based aerosols and solvents may be accepted in smaller quantities.

The extra care that we put into finding green solutions means that we do not accept “waste,” but commercial chemical products. Our customers benefit in a host of ways:

Experience the Benefits:

  • Reduce aerosol waste to zero
  • Ship unsaleable aerosols on a Bill of Lading instead of a Manifest
  • Harvest maximum value from unsaleable aerosol products
  • Reliable, safety-focused, and compliant processing
  • Central Location near Jackson, Tennessee off of I-40
  • Brand Integrity through Secure Processing
Why Partner with Recycle Aerosol?

  • Largest capacity in the U.S. for aerosol reclamation
  • Assistance understanding what value your ‘waste’ product contains
  • Twenty plus years’ experience in sustainable logistics
  • Dedicated, professional approach to safety, sustainability and reducing liability
  • Do Business with a certified Woman-Owned Disadvantaged Vendor

We build long-term relationships that are rooted in mutual benefit.