Achieving Zero-Waste Manufacturing 

Waste generation can be costly in terms of both logistics and reputation. We have over 20 years’ experience assisting manufacturers maximize supply chain sustainability, reducing waste tonnage, taxes and transportation costs. We also have twenty-plus years’ experience reclaiming expired, off-spec, and ‘seasonal’ aerosols for multinational corporations, including those that come to us as full-case product, partially-used, and empty from distribution centers across the country.

 How Our Service is Different from Our Competitors

Aerosols in the reverse logistics path normally require shipping on a hazardous waste manifest, even when sent to recyclers at fuel blending plants. Because we reclaim aerosols rather than simply recover for fuel-blending or incineration, the EPA understands them as "commercial chemical products" rather than "solid or hazardous waste" when to sent to a facility such as ours.

What we do is considered “reclamation” by the EPA, as described in 40 CFR 261.2.  Aerosol “reclamation” is a type of aerosol recycling where aerosol constituents are safely collected and managed as “reusable materials” and return to the market to replace new commercial chemical products. This is considered a higher form of treatment on the EPA Waste Management Pyramid because it saves the sum of materials and energy that must go into producing virgin product. 

Our customers benefit in a host of ways.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Six-figure reduction in RCRA-associated costs
  • Brand Integrity through Secure Processing
  • Receive chemicals back, including propellant
  • Reduce Generator Status with USEPA
  • Do Business with a certified Woman-Owned Disadvantaged Vendor
  • Harvest value from unsaleable aerosols
Partner with Recycle Aerosol:

  • Largest capacity in the U.S. for aerosol and contents packaged under pressure
  • Assistance knowing what value can be harvested from your ‘waste’
  • More than twenty years’ experience greening reverse logistics for manufacturers
  • Dedicated, professional approach to safety, sustainability and reducing liability

We are the only aerosol recycler committed to finding innovative and compliant ways to reuse what is inside aerosol cans, distilling the original chemicals and returning them to the market, or in some cases, as intermediaries in the manufacturer's own production process. 

 We build relationships. Rethink your aerosols. Let us develop your custom solution.