ShoppingReduce Unsalable Aerosol Waste to Zero

Waste generation can be costly in terms of both logistics and reputation. We have more than 20 years’ experience assisting retailers in greening their supply chains, reducing waste tonnage, taxes and transportation costs. We also have twenty plus years’ experience reclaiming expired, off-spec, and ‘seasonal’ aerosols for multinational corporations, including those that come to us as full-case product, partially-used, and empty from distribution centers across the country.

Change What "Aerosol Disposal" Means to Your Business

Aerosols in the reverse logistics path normally require shipping on a hazardous waste manifest, even when sent to recyclers at fuel blending plants. Because we reclaim rather than simply "recover" for fuel-blending or incineration, the EPA does not consider commercial chemical products as solid or hazardous waste when those products are sent to a facility such as ours for reclamation. That’s because we are the only aerosol recycler committed to finding ways to reuse what is inside the cans too, distilling the original chemicals and returning them to the market.

The extra care that we put into finding green solutions means that we do not accept “waste,” but commercial chemical products that can be legitimately reclaimed. 

We never forget that each product’s supply chain requires a different solution, for instance, different states may choose to have more stringent regulations than those set by the EPA and handling that is part of finding a solution.

Our customers benefit in a host of ways.

Top 5 Benefits for Retailers:

  • Six-figure reduction in RCRA-associated transportation costs
  • Do Business with a certified Woman-Owned Disadvantaged Vendor
  • Brand Integrity through Secure Processing
  • Harvest maximum value from unsaleable aerosols
  • Reduce Generator Status with USEPA 

Why Partner with Recycle Aerosol?

  • Largest capacity in the U.S. for aerosol and compressed cylinder reclamation
  • Assistance knowing what value can be harvested from your ‘waste’
  • Twenty years’ experience greening reverse logistics
  • Dedicated, professional approach to safety, sustainability and reducing liability

We build long-term relationships. Rethink your aerosols. Let us develop a custom solution for you.