A Partner in Corporate Responsibility

We proudly assist the waste management industry in providing the greenest aerosol solution in the business. Our facility has the unique capability to reclaim the chemicals within an aerosol, treating them as “valuable commodities” and returning them to the market in their original form. Aerosols can be shipped to us on a Bill of Lading. According to EPA regulations, goods sent to recyclers for reclamation are not “solid or hazardous waste” and therefore do not fall under RCRA shipping and reporting protocols. By avoiding costs associated with manifests, our customers harvest the savings embedded in choosing the most efficient path for their aerosols.

Each case is different. Each conversation builds a professional partnership based on commitment to transparent problem-solving and open dialogue about how to reduce waste and ensure compliance and safety.

We welcome your inquiries.

Top 5 Benefits for Waste Management:

  • Large-scale reduction in RCRA-associated costs
  • Harvest the maximum value from unsaleable aerosols
  • Reduce Generator Status with USEPA
  • Maintain brand integrity through secure processing
  • Do business with a certified Woman-Owned Disadvantaged Vendor
Only Recycle Aerosol Offers: 

  • Largest capacity in the U.S. for aerosol and compressed cylinder reclamation
  • Dedicated, professional approach to safety, sustainability and reducing liability
  • We are the only Aerosol Service Company to offer a truly Zero-Waste Process
  • Prioritize the “Reuse” portion of the RCRA Waste Management Hierarchy

We are practiced in promoting sustainability in reverse supply chains and extracting maximum value. The extra care that we put into finding sustainable solutions translates into benefits for our customers who achieve zero-waste for many types of aerosols, reduce generator status and fees, and report a shift to greater sustainability.